What's New

Web-4-All Update

March 31, 2006

The public final release has arrived.

French and English installers for Windows XP are available, as well as the source itself. Details can be found at the public release page.

Old News

November 14, 2005

Here is some important news for users of Web-4-All!

This is a transition year for Web-4-All – the software product that can re-configure standard public access computers to provide specialized access to the Internet for people with disabilities.  Web-4-All was initially developed by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) of the University of Toronto in 2001.

Industry Canada and the University of Toronto recently entered into an agreement to upgrade the Web-4-All software from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, as many computers in public access centres are now running this operating system. 

After this upgrade, Web-4-All will move to Open Source, which will allow any user to download the software free of charge from the University of Toronto website. With Open Source, Web-4-All will now be widely available in Canada and around the world for the benefit of Internet users with disabilities.

The upgraded version of the Web-4-All software will be available for downloading in March 2006.  A notice with the exact time and URL will be forwarded at a later date.

As well, from now until March 31, 2006, the ARTC will provide technical support for Canadian Web-4-All sites (CAP sites and others) and, beginning in January 2006, to plug-in developers.

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