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Web-4-All for Windows XP Installer

The steps for downloading and installing Web-4-All for Windows XP are:

  1. Download the installer to the machine on which you want to install Web-4-All.
  2. Double click the installer icon to launch it. Use the default installation directories offered in the installer dialogs.
  3. The installer places a Web-4-All shortcut icon on your desktop.  Double-click it to start Web-4-All.
  4. Web-4-All is also added to the "Programs" menu, and to the startup items. Web-4-All will automatically launch every time the workstation is rebooted.

You can assign a key press to launch Web-4-All from the keyboard:

  1. Click right on the Web-4-All shortcut icon on the desktop, and choose "Properties" from the pop up menu.
  2. In the subsequent "Web-4-All Properties" dialog, select the "Shortcut" tab for the shortcut properties.
  3. Fill in the "Shortcut key" text field with the desired key press.
  4. Click "Apply" and then "OK".

Download the English Web-4-All installer: Web-4-All-English.exe.

Self-voicing Preferences Chooser

The Windows XP version of Web-4-All includes a file chooser dialog that is self-voicing.  To work correctly, a voice synthesizer must be available on your Windows system. Windows XP, both French and English, comes with an English voice synthesizer pre-installed. In order to ensure that French is pronounced correctly, you must download and install a French voice synthesizer:

  1. Download and install Microsoft Reader from this web page:
  2. Download and install the French Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package from this web page:

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